Standards Alignment

  • Aligns with CCSS/NGSS standards for K-5 math, science and history/social studies (1,250 books)
  • Presents a scaffolding academic cognitive language proficiency that conforms to CCSS/NGSS K-8 curriculum provisions (2,800 vocabulary words)
  • Conforms to ACTFL guidelines and national standards
  • Conforms to six AP Chinese thematic topics (250 books)
  • Emphasizes integrated development of the four language skills
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Unlimited Resources

  • Over 1,000 high-quality, authentic best-selling children’s books and Chinese L2 readers, fictional and nonfictional, by native Chinese publishers
  • Over 1,500 classroom-tested titles by experienced local U.S. Chinese teachers on subject and knowledge areas of their expertise
  • Weekly new releases featuring popular book series and articles published in China
  • Writings by experienced lead teachers in North America

Engaging Learning Experience

  • Simplified/traditional characters with or without Pinyin options
  • Videos by professional voice talents for every book
  • Post-reading quizzes at the end of every book to assess comprehension
  • Benchmark reading and running records available at each level
  • Built-in incentive system to motivate students
  • Record and share recordings while recording
  • Write and share writing while reading
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Applicable Class Management Functions

  • PC, Chromebook, iPad and Android tablet compatibility allows wide readership
  • 24/7 accessibility allows students to practice reading anytime, anywhere
  • Differentiated instruction functions allow teachers to place students at their individual reading levels and give assignments to one student, a group or the whole class
  • Powerful and comprehensive reporting system helps teachers better monitor student progress