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iChineseReader is the most widely used online reading platform for K-12 Chinese programs in the United Sates.

Thousands of interactive Chinese e-books are placed at 20 proficiency levels and cover teaching content and subject areas across grades K–12.

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What Our Users Say

  • When our teachers first learned about iChineseReader, we immediately became thrilled-it is exactly what we are looking for! All the dual language classes from our school have used the program effectively in and outside of the classroom. We consider iChineseReader as the best online reading program because it aligns with common core standards and content objectives, tailors leveled reading texts in different genres and offers comprehension assessments.

     Judy Ouyang Bello
    Judy Ouyang Bello
    Dual Chinese Language Teacher, Glenwood Elementary School, North Carolina
  • iChineseReader is a very effective and interactive Mandarin reading program for students to practice reading and improve comprehension skills in class and at home. My students love it, and they say it is the coolest online reading program ever! I always use iChineseReader in class for my students to review and reinforce the vocabulary and grammar for each unit. I also set up readings from iChineseReader for their homework or afterschool reading practice. It works really well!

    Xiaobo Lu
    Xiaobo Lu
    Lower School Chinese Teacher, Trinity Episcopal School, Virginia
  • 我研究了目前市面上的各种在线读本和读本软件,iChineseReader的图书分级做得最细,分类也很清晰。除每篇文章有测试题外,每一个级别还有一个类似英文的running record的水平测试。最让我兴奋的是,它不仅仅有市面上流行的系列图书,还有北美在职明星老师们的原创!无论是辅助课堂教学还是给学生布置课后作业,用起来都得心应手。

    纽约Avenues: The World School中文老师
  • I'm not a Mandarin speaker. As a parent of a language immersion student, I wonder how well my son is picking up the language. My own son enjoyed the reading in iChineseReader more than the alternative Mandarin practice that my wife would assign to him over the summer. I would recommend iChineseReader to any parent who wants their child to practice reading Chinese. The reports you can get from iChineseReader as a parent or teacher allow you to track how much your kids or students are reading and comprehending.

    Kirt Minor
    Kirt Minor
    Dad of a 5th grader in the Mandarin Immersion program at Azevada Elementary School, California

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